Aroostook UAS & Pelletier Island Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

The photo I want doesn't fit in an 8x10. What should I do?

Digital photography gives all of us the ability to crop a photo to whatever size looks best, but when it comes to printing that photo, it doesn't always fit in a standard size. The digital photographs on this site are a variety of sizes, so we offer paper print options in standard sizes, "other" sizes, panoramic sizes, and square sizes to help you find the size that best fits your selected picture. If you can't find a standard size in the checkout that works, hit the back button and try one of the other size categories.

What if I want a cropped version of a photo?

Our checkout options give you the flexibility to crop a photo to fit any size print that you choose.

Why doesn't the search feature seem to be working?

The built-in search feature on our SmugMug website is an "exact match" type of search. Each photo has a handful of keywords attached to it, but the search cannot find that photo unless the exact keyword is searched for. If you try "farm photos" and get no matches, try something like "farm" or "farming." If you still are not having any luck, all of our photos can be found in categorized folders with the same photos available in multiple categories.

Where can I purchase the photo mugs, canvases, and other non-paper items?

Clicking the "Buy Photo" button on your selected photo will bring you to the checkout where you will find our purchasing options. Physical items such as mugs, puzzles, mousepads and throw blankets can be found in the "Keepsakes" category of the checkout. Canvas prints are available under the "Wall Art" category.

Is there a photo that you like but would rather have in a square format? Or enlarged? Is there a horizontal photo that you wish you could turn into a vertical format?

Our checkout allows you to zoom in, rotate, or reposition a photo while maintaining the size that you've selected.

Can I buy my photo framed?

Yes! All of our orders are fulfilled by Bay Photo, a large commercial photo lab who also offers framing options. Once your selected prints are in your shopping cart, you will see a "Finishing Options" button next to each item. That button will bring you to a menu with options for matting and framing, mounting, and special textures and coatings.

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